Top Makeup Trends to Try in 2023


Fashion and makeup trends are like waves, always changing. Just like some clothes or looks that can be super popular one moment and then not cool at all the next. This also happens with makeup. If you think back to the 1990s, you’ll see that some makeup styles that were popular back then are no longer a thing. Some of them have made a comeback but with a modern touch, and there are new ones too.

To make sure you’re up-to-date with your makeup, here are some trends you should try in 2023. It’s important to keep up with these trends so you can always look your best and not be stuck in the past with makeup that’s no longer in style.

1. Ethereal Glow: Dewy Skin and Subtle Shimmers

Say goodbye to heavy matte foundations! In 2023, the focus is on natural, dewy skin that radiates a healthy glow. Achieve this look with lightweight, luminous foundations and highlighters that impart a subtle shimmer.

2. Vibrant Eyes: Bold and Playful Eyeshadow Colors

This year, eyeshadows are all about embracing vibrant, bold colors. Think electric blues, fiery oranges, and vivid purples. Whether you prefer a daring smoky eye or a pop of color on your lids, vibrant eyeshadows are the key to making your eyes the center of attention.

3. Graphic Eyeliner: Express Yourself with Artistic Lines

Unleash your creativity with graphic eyeliner designs. Geometric shapes, intricate lines, and dramatic wings are all the rage in 2023. Discover your style by bravely trying out various colors and shapes. Incorporating graphic eyeliner not only adds an iconic hint to your appearance but also emphasizes your artistic flair.

4. Barely-There Lips: Embracing the Nude Lip Look

Nude lips are making a major comeback this year. Pair your nude lipstick with a touch of gloss for a plump, hydrated pout. In this minimalist trend, the spotlight is on your lips’ natural allure, allowing them to shine without overshadowing the rest of your makeup.

5. Statement Brows: Bold, Defined, and Natural

Say hello to well-defined, statement brows. Embracing this trend means enhancing your natural brow shape for a subtly fuller and more defined look. Use brow gels and pencils to fill in any sparse areas while maintaining a natural finish.

6. Monochromatic Magic: Matching Eyes, Lips, and Cheeks

Coordinating your eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush in similar shades creates a harmonious and chic monochromatic look. Whether you’re into warm terracottas, soft pinks, or muted mauves, monochromatic makeup adds a sense of cohesiveness to your appearance.

7. Glitter Everywhere: Sparkle and Shine with Glitter Accents

Glitter is no longer reserved for special occasions – it’s an everyday essential in 2023. From subtle glitter eyeliner to dazzling lip toppers, incorporating a touch of sparkle elevates your makeup game.

Final Thoughts

In 2023, there are many new makeup trends to know about. While trends come and go, the process of trying out different styles remains constant; this journey of self-expression enables you to discover the styles that bring out your inner beauty and authenticity.

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