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The Timeless Beauty of Hair: A Journey Through Generations

Beauty routines can vary significantly across generations, shaping our perceptions and practices. My mum and nana, for instance, didn’t wear much makeup. It’s always pleasant to reminisce about the small things, like my nana doing her own home perms. These small memories hold a lot of meaning.

There is nothing quite as delightful to me as the exquisite beauty and marvels of hair. The way it flows, shines, and frames the face is truly captivating. Whether it’s the intricate braids and twists or the effortless waves and curls, every strand tells a story and has a unique charm. Witnessing the artistry of hair styling and being part of the process of creating beautiful looks is a true joy and privilege for me.

As a child, I was fascinated with hairdressing. I would often stop to watch stylists at work as I passed by salons. Pursuing this trade has been a dream come true. I was fortunate to have a lot of support when I was young. I ran a salon for seven years and enjoyed every moment, though I was young and naive, thinking I knew everything. Looking back now, I realize how wrong I was.

It’s wonderful to be back in the industry I love, selling hair and beauty products after all the learning and growth I’ve experienced. Although I may seem like a plain Jane, I have a great love for hair.

XO Cailin Cooper

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